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Ice Creams 2. Return of the phone number...
I said yesterday that the Japanese would be my last restaurant in Paris, but I let myself convince by Peter to sit to have lunch today. This had turned out to be a very very nice idea as today's menu (where we went) was Tagatielles Saumon (^.^)

We were just about to leave when I suddenly got attracted by a scene at the other side of the restaurant, a group of women were looking at me and the waiter was writting something on a piece of paper. The women left and the waiter walked toward me all smiling; and then I thought: "Ho God ! Not again...". So what was bound to happen, actually happened. He came to me later and game to me the phone number of one of the women.

Peter was trying to figure out how did this happen as I didn't look at her. Instead I kept complaining about badly designed financial software during the entire lunch.

Anyway when we get back to the office I called her to say thank you, and we had a surprisingly pleasant phone conversation. She is a very nice and interesting person...