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Quiz Night, being a part of the problem, and a smile...

Had a long and eventful day at work, with actually more than one moment of pure excitement (including that one moment when we 500/404'ed the entire Guardian website, in the middle of the afternoon ^^), so I was actually looking forward to go have dinner and then go home. When, as I was half way home, I got the call from the speed dating company: "Hi, fancy singles quiz tonight at Scarlets ?" The reasonable citizen would carry on home, but I obviously am not....

Last time it happened I lost my pen (making the entire episode not enjoyable), but tonight was Quiz Night, something indeed one hundread times more interesting. Best have-fun-entertaining-single-ladies evening of my career :)

That being said, I found something surprising this evening, at least three of those women are what I would only describe as rich, cutely posh (what I find very charming), successful and amazingly attractive. I was completely mind blown by one of them saying that she has been attending those events for a while, implying she was still looking for a boy friend.

Women like this are not meant to look for boy friends. I can't understand why there isn't a line up of one thousand men waiting to propose to them :(

The only explanation for me is that she/they really have a too busy working life, have no other opportunity to meet people and have *completely* unrealistic expectations on the men they think they might find, and *really* don't handle celibacy at all. And the sad thing is that I won't even bother checking if one of them, even by accident, would have found me charming.

There is something amazingly fucked up with all this, and sadly I am a part of it...

Anyway, the best moment of the evening came on my way back home (second attempt), I was sat on the DLR looking at some code, when three Americans, one guy and two girls, probably in the late part of their 20s, sat in front of me and started to talk loud (like US people always do). At first I didn't pay attention to what they were saying but soon a signal from the depths of my mind said "Pascal, I think you should pay attention". One minute later something was absolutely clear to me: I was in presence of three of the best and brightest minds I had ever... heard.

The pace of my coding slowed down, to let me listen to their conversation, and as I arrived at my station, one of the girls who had glanced at me a couple of times, smiled at me in a very distinctive way that, I felt, meant "I heard you too... nice to meet you :)"

Those last few seconds will stay with me for a long time....

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