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[ Below entry by reddit user Daktush ]

Be politician with 40 years of experience that has ran for president before and has the surname of Clinton.

Trade favors at the highest levels of government so the primary elections are rigged and I lock in the nomination.

Am running against the candidate with the lowest approval ratings in US history that wants to campaign using 15 times less money than me.

Am female therefore every vagina-voter out there for me is locked in

Have Wall street on my side, practically all lobbyists, even foreign countries donating to me (mfw).

Use their money to pay off media.

Get practically all celebrities on my side.

Get Facebook, Twitter, Google boards on my side to remove content that doesn't suit the image people should have of me.

Bribe some popular kids on youtube to endorse me.

Pander to every group I speak to.

Pay 10 million to some sad basement dwellers so they can harass and attack other users on supposedly politically neutral platforms.

Collude with the MSM just in case so they report hoaxes about my opponent, overblow his scandals while hiding my own.

Any scandals that do get out are the fault of Russia.

Play the sex card and accuse anyone that doesn't support me as being sexist.

Race bait and accuse anyone that supports my opponent of being a racist xenophobe.

Just to be sure slander them as fascists and islamophobes as well.

Pay agitators to false flag and blame violence on those bigoted fascists lol, if that fails there's always those poor Bernie supporters whose money ended in my pockets.

Every poll has me winning in a landslide, predicting over 300 delegates, chances of being president always above 90% while opponent is lucky to get 5%,

Still lose to an orange, reality TV clown who picked up politics as a hobby last year and his cartoon frog.