This blog is highly personal, makes no attempt at being politically correct, will occasionaly offend your sensibility, and certainly does not represent the opinions of the people I work with or for.
I do not understand
There is a sentence that I enjoy saying more and more, this sentence is "I do not understand".

Sometimes people come to me, and start saying things that do not make any sense whatsoever, and then look at me in a self-satisfied way thinking that either I will understand or that I will not understand but that in the latter case, at least, will have the kindness to pretend that I do.

Instead, and this is as much the result of personal intellectual honesty as something you inherit from academic education, I look at them straight in the eyes and on a neutral tone say: "Sorry, but I do not understand..."

Unless I have someone clever and educated in front of me, my interlocutor will look shocked. As if I was purposely trying to be nasty to him/her, while thinking inside themselves (about me) "This little math-educated French piece of shit wants me to clarify my thinking and speak in a clear and understandable way. Maybe he even wants me to use logical arguments. Who the hell does he think he is !?!!"

Priceless (^.^)