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Fire From Moonlight, or how the education system failed me

The education system failed me, badly. Fuck you School.

Why ? Because I actually have { discovered, understood } something fundamental while reading the latest "What if ?" Fire From Moonlight. This issue is easily in my top two best "What if ?" issues, together with the very first one, Relativistic Baseball, which is still my favourite.

All those hours, pretty much my entire youth, sat in physics classes wanting to kill myself to end the boredom; while optics *can* actually not only be interesting but in fact amazingly cool and interesting.

Speaking of Relativistic Baseball, a waiter of one of my regular restaurants literally came up to me once, while I was eating there, and passionately explained in a broken English that he saw on the internet something about a baseball ball starting a nuclear reaction and that being the scientist that I am, I would love it. I replied "Oh you read Randall Munroe :-)", and he said, "Who's that ?!"; I then followed up with "Never mind, just tell me about that baseball again (^_^)"

XKCD has done more for the spread of scientific knowledge than any of those those zombies that I was forced to look at in middle and high school...