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The Matrix
I woke up Aubrey about 4.30 am so she could cook for me because I have been sick during the night. In fact I have been sick for 1 week but cannot afford to miss even one day of work in this moment (another story...).

I later on felt asleep in her arms and started dreaming about my work (for a change...).

Then I have heard something and woke up, and I realized that there was someone in the house and that actually this person was in our bedroom look at us, but I wasn't in a good position and I didn't know whether this person was armed etc. I was very scared for Aubrey and myself...

...and then I woke up !

In fact I was dreaming in my dream and woke up in my dream and my mind was fully convinced that I was then awake.

I don't remember having ever waken up from a dream inside a dream...