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Don't Talk to the Police, by Professor James Duane

I showed this amazing video to Aubrey some times ago and it just came up again so I am sharing it here. The lesson is, not matter how innocent you are, not matter how nice looking they are, people should never, ever!, talk to police officers. I am not talking about asking a police officer your directions in the street, I am talking about when they come to you with "questions" as part of one of their investigations. Even, and above all, if you are innocent, don't answer anything.

And the very interesting thing is that this advice is not at all motivated by the fact that we should not like police officers, most of them are likeable, and genuinely want to help society. The reason turns out to be flaws in the human minds (how it deals with stories...)

If you liked it (and I am sure you did), you can see the second part (talk given by a police officer -- as interesting as the first part), here: