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Football results, or the lack thereof
I was sitting in the train, deep in some ext-js related javascript on a quest to the art of toolbars with some loud trance music in my ears, when I suddenly felt that someone was kind of looking at me, possibly was talking to me.

Turned out that actually some guy was talking to me pointing his finger at my screen. I instantly thought "God, another stupid PC user who is pretending getting interested in Macs and will ask me some stupid questions like whether or not my computer has got Internet Explorer..."

No, in fact he wasn't after my mac, but was wondering whether I could not give to him the results of some football match. I guess that he thought that I had internet access (which is the second most frequent stupid question that people ask me in the tube or the train...). I looked at him and said that I wasn't interested in football and wasn't following any match.

The expression on his face was the one I would have expected if I had told him that I had burnt his children and was running away with his wife :-)

English people !...