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Escape Velocity, or an Atheist Project
Escape Velocity, or an Atheist Project.

In physics, escape velocity is the speed where the kinetic energy of an object is equal to the magnitude of its gravitational potential energy, as calculated by the equation Ug = − Gm1m2 / r. It is commonly described as the speed needed to "break free" from a gravitational field (without any additional impulse).

Some years ago, I started to follow closely the slow awaking of Atheists in the United States. Men and women victimized by the institutionalized tyranny of a country which still hasn't discovered the principle of separation of Church and State (and they call themselves civilized !). Actually my interest in the problem came when the teaching of Creationism in schools started to sparkle trials.

Ever since, I have been quite disappointed by the attitude of Atheists, who somehow only complain but do not do anything. Except, maybe, icons such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and few others, who despite their intellectual power constantly do the same mistake, over and over again, to believe that people who have been brainwashed from birth to surrender their ability to think for themselves, will ever be receptive to any level of rational thinking. I am convinced that those guys are wasting their time. Not that they have not converted anybody, there have been stories of agnostics who became atheists after having read a book or something, but my point here is that the amount of effort required to actually repair the brain of a true believer is not worth the energy expenditure. We can certainly do better things with all that time and energy.

In 1948 the state of Israel was created, and as far as I remember one of the only requirement to be an israeli citizen is to be Jewish. Isn't this a great idea ? Sure you see me coming. Yes, I am proposing the creation of an Atheist country. But, wait ! Not a country, that would be lame, and we would still have to share the planet with those brainless believers who are still capable of entering into war with us. What we need is to prepare an atheist exodus to another planetary system far way from Earth! The universe is big after all, why should we stay on Earth when an entire galaxy is waiting for us, with probably lots of idyllic places to settle down.

Now you might get worried. You may be thinking that first of all Earth is the only planet able to sustain life that we know of, and that even if we find another one we do not have yet the technology to get there, without mentioning those nostalgics who will claim that Earth being our species birth planet we should not leave it. Of course I know all this, but my point is that the process of entering into this project and somehow working at getting it done will probably be one of the greatest undertakings of all times. The project is simply formulated as follow:

All atheists in the world, people able to think for themselves, who value the knowledge of science and of our great thinkers, will all unite under the same objective: the ultimate exodus from Earth leaving behind the planet and its numerous believers. The objective for us is to work hard at making it happen. We need to make scientific discoveries which have not been made yet. All this will take time, of course, and probably most of the people who initially entered into the project will be dead by the time it comes to an end. But the important thing is that for the first time in history all atheists in the world will work together at getting something done. Something more useful than trying to convince believers.

We will need money, but that won't be a problem. We can set up a legal entity to fund the project and myself would be more than happy to give money to this. The commercial products of our technology and science can also be used to fund the project; but I'll leave the details of the funding to later.

One of the advantages of this exodus, is that believers will stop once and for all getting advantage of the results of our scientific knowledge and discoveries (while refusing to accept all the consequences, such as the true age of the Earth and our Solar system, or Natural Evolution). I really wonder what Science and Mathematics will become on Earth when all people who can think logically will have left. Will Earth enter into an age of darkness ? With the remaining Christians and Muslims and Jews constantly fighting each other until their mutual death, leaving the poor planet agonizing under a globally warmed radioactive cloud ?

There must be a time when we ought to accept the fact that there is nothing we can do for those people, unite and just move on; literally. Unlike believers who think that God controls their lives (and about everything else), we atheists know better and must accept that with knowledge comes responsibility. We have the ability, intelligence and intellectual curiosity to make ourselves a great species. If we don't do it for ourselves, nobody will. And it would be a shame that after all those years of evolution we fail on the road towards the stars because at the very last moment we failed to believe in ourselves, which, as far as I am concerned, is the true definition of being an Atheist.

Of course, when we will be ready to go, many years in the future, proud of our fruitful hard work, our spaceships up and running with their artificial intelligences ready for the final hyperspace jump, it will be a "good bye" with no return. No hard feelings Jesus, but we just can't take any more of that bullshit.


ps: Buddhists and Jedis will be welcome to come with us. Those are cool people.