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Level 2 Relatives
Spent time interviewing few people from my family to come up with a graph of my relatives. This turned out to be more challenging than I thought because of the complexity of the graph. On my father's side things are kind of ok, but on my mother's side, there is a constant theme: the more children you have the better, and if you can have them with different partners you get bonus points. In practice, the father of my mother had children with three different women (and got married 4 times) and the mother of my mother had children with four different men. Moreover, their children (my mother's half brothers and sisters) seem to want to repeat the same pattern...

The two following graphs are my father's and mother's family. Note that the graphs do not include my parents children and grand children (meaning my brothers and their children). I have colored the folks which are Level 2 relatives. "Level 2 relative" here means that one of my grand parents is among their ancestors. This includes my parents brothers, sisters, half brothers half sisters and the children (and grand children) of all those. Males in blue, and females in pink. There are also grey cells and white cells. I share blood with the grey ones but they are not level 2. The white cells are just parters (wifes, husbands, or the local milkman).

The graphs are not complete since I have more relatives than that, but I am sure that I have covered all Level 2 relatives, there seems to be more than 50 of them (this really says that there are more that 50 people alive with one of my four grand parents among their ancestors).

Somewhere in my mother's side graph there is a curious high concentration of female. Turns out that my one of my mother's half sister (Isabelle) seems to only generate daughters (from different fathers, of course), and those daughters only generate daughters. In total, Isabelle is mother and grand mother of 8 females, but not a single male. This is very curious because father's sperm carry the gender of the baby (and those 8 females have 8 different fathers), so it is a statistically rare configuration rather than a genetic thing [see update].

father's side

mother's side

update: I have learnt that actually this is unlikely to be a rare statistical configuration given that the female vigina has mechanisms that affect the selection of the gender (by favouring particular spermatozoids versus others). So it's a genetic thing in my mother's family, a mutation that for some reason my mother herself doesn't carry.