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Few trillion photons

An asian girl, probably Chinese, who was sat just opposite me in the train this morning, took a picture of me. Just after she did I looked at her intensively full of curiosity and she quickly displayed that blank "I didn't do anything, fuck you !" face, that Asian people display on demand :-)

Thinking about the episode, it was obvious that she reacted (or more exactly lack thereof) like this because most people in the world would mind being the subject of such an invasive procedure. But then this is what bothers me: why exactly is that invasive ? You see, I have absolutely no problem with being photographed, either from far away or close, with or without my permission, by people that I know or complete strangers.

This attitude is certainly not because I find myself so attractive that I think that people deserve to have my picture. It is not because I want to make some sort of a relevant philosophical stand amidst some governments abuse of their surveillance power. It is only because the thing that she captured on her phone, simply and ultimately does not belong to me.

She used a device to capture few trillions photons (I am not sure of the order of magnitude here, so take "trillion" as "an awful lot") that happen to have rebounded on my body, skin and clothes. Those photons having left the Sun 8 minutes 20 seconds earlier. They are not my property, and trying to prevent her to capture (or even express a moral disapproval of capturing) photons that happen, by accident, to have rebounded on me, is I think, ludicrous. I would even go futher and say that anybody having any reason to prevent her doing so should, logically, also prevent her to look at me in the first place, since her mind has a storage module (her memory) just like her smartphone has.

Also, the same goes for recording my voice in public.