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Puss in Boots

When I was in high school (in France) I had a university student, a girl, teaching me English out of hours. She wasn't a very good teacher and I left high school with a knowledge of English that amounted to zero. This said, a part of this girl has lived with me ever since...

One day, I pointed out to her that her shoes (the high heels she wore that day) were making a lot of noise as she walked through the corridors of the public library (where we used to meet). She looked at me and said that she was obviously aware of it and enjoyed it.

The concept of somebody actually enjoying making noise as he/she was walking (even in a place like a public library which was supposed to be kept silent) instantly sounded new, rebellious and mind blowingly sexy to me. This said, I quickly forgot the episode labelling it as a "girl thing".

Later on, when I started wearing boots, I noticed that there was a part of me which was taking a mysterious pleasure in making a lot of noise while walking. In offices, in the street, in the tube, the impact of the wood of my boots against the floor always makes a distinctive loud and neat impact sound that sometimes echoes on the walls. I was just enjoying it, without giving much thoughts to it, and it's only by accident that, one day, I remembered the discussion that I had with that girl many years earlier. Obviously her answer had affected me profoundly, even thought I was not directly (at least not until that moment) aware of it.

With the cold weather already coming back in London I started to wear my boots again, and I now have an additional pleasure doing so: men (and sometimes women) in the street turn around thinking that the person who've been catching up on their feet (I walk very fast) is a woman :-)

I just took a picture of them, with the phone (while writing this entry, in the tube, on my way back home...).