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On Financial Markets Collapses

I saw yesterday some people claiming "losing faith" with regards to our global financial services. What I think the media don't emphasis enough is the fact that our current events are nothing else than a perfectly arithmetical and logical (in other words deterministic) consequence of decisions taken in the past by people with limited understanding of what they were doing. There is nothing mysterious about markets and markets investments, and in the background of the current events there is a very simple law of nature: if you attempt to sell to people things that they cannot afford, then someone else will have to pay for it.

What's interesting here is the fact that the "someone else" happens to be large investment banks; and Banks constantly living dangerously (meaning reinvesting money that they don't even own in the first place), when Nature suddenly reclaims its part of their balance sheet, they get wiped out and people lose they jobs.

Banks should have seen it coming, but their rational thinking got overcome by the prospect of incredible returns. You would expect better from people with high education, but everyone wants a big end of year bonus. An intensive which somehow is meant to make you more effective ends up making you behave like the biggest idiot of Earth.