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The fall of David Petraeus, the Graph

Ok, so the last time I had to resort to a graph, the situation was understandably actually complicated. This time, the situation is not very complicated but the amount of rubbish that you read from some (some, not all, I insist on that) lousy news outlets is staggering. So it was my duty, as usual, to highlight the main points. Note that I don't know all the details, and maybe some updates will come later in the future, but for the moment, here is what we know for sure... (click on picture of big version)

About the graph. The red nodes indicate the order in which things seem to have happened. Note that there are some ambiguities around when FBI director was informed, but above all, there is no way I would attempt to put dates. Some of the exact dates around the paths CIA Agent -> FBI Director -> President Obama, are probably "confidential defense" by now, and for relatively obvious reasons: political volatility around the election.

Last note. As a French, I really don't get it why Americans have this tendency to mix public life and private life. Come on! Sleeping with a clever, talented and attractive woman writing your biography is pretty much a matter a obligatory courtesy.