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Ridge Racer Type 4 intro, and other memories

My first ever girl-friend was a true fan of video games (quite unusual for a girl at the time). She had many of them. Actually she had many consoles and for each console many games. This said, she was a bit special, she didn't actually spend that much time playing them, she simply wanted to spend hours and hours looking at me playing...

Why does this suddenly come up now ? Well I have been using YouTube tonight to provide me with a nice manga/games type soundtrack to help me concentrate on my work (don't ask what I can possibly be doing at 4am on a sunday morning...), when suddenly the following song came up in the background

If I ever had to experience a sudden and unexpected travel back in time, then it happened few minutes ago, when my mind was figuring out when on Earth have I heard this song and why the video looked familiar and strangely exciting. It's Ridge Racer Type 4 intro.

Turns out that RRT4 was the game I was the best at, regularly humiliating [1] the kids that my girl friend was babysitting (^.^)

[1] Some of them, one of them in particular, took it quite badly actually, as they didn't know that an adult (that's what I already looked like to them at the time) could be better than them at video games. Welcome to reality kid, there is always somebody better than you...

While being at it few hours ago, I also came across a concert by the musical genius Kenji Kawai. The following video is a part of the soundtrack of Innocence.

And this one is another icon (Patlabor) also directed by Mamoru Oshii.