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My first ever girl-friend was a true fan of video games (quite unusual for a girl). She had many of them. Actually she had many consoles and for each console many games. This said, she was a bit special, she didn't actually spend that much time playing them, she simply used to spend hours and hours looking at me playing...

Why does this suddenly come up now ? Well I have been using YouTube tonight to provide me with a nice manga/games soundtrack to help me concentrate on my work (don't ask what I can possibly be doing at 4am on a sunday morning...), when suddenly the following song came up in the background

If I ever had to experience a sudden and unexpected travel back in time, then it happened few minutes ago, when my mind was figuring out when on Earth have I heard this song and why the video looked familiar and strangely exciting.

Turns out that RRT4 this was the game I was the best at, regularly humiliating (*) the kids that my girl friend was babysitting (^.^)

Thinking of it, at that time I already had the thing for female asians with a pretty face :-)

(*) ... some of them took it quite badly actually, as they didn't know that an adult (that's what I already looked like to them at the time) could be better than them at video games :-)
That's funny, but all this feels like another life because it's was so long ago. On the other side I also feel like so very young. There must be something in my mental perception of time....

While being at it few hours ago, I also came across a concert by the musical genius Kenji Kawai. The following video is a part of the soundtrack of Innocence. I managed to synchronise it with the actual movie that I have on my hard drive, it was then the first time for me to see the end of the movie with its purest form of soundtrack :-)

On the same channel there are other soundtracks of some of my favourites movies, including the following (Patlabor) which is just great