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The Gift
When I met her I knew that something, few things actually, would change. She was more advanced. It was that simple. She had this ability to see through things and extract the essential of any situation in almost no time, and had that weird sense of humour that I had always associated with older civilisations, but I could be wrong on that one.

I thought the neural lacis would be fun. It was a first, but then it started reorganising my thoughts. I could literally feel it moving ("restructuring" would probably be a better word) parts of my mind's processing patterns towards what seemed like a better organisation. But the strangest part was that some of those new patterns felt... impossible. They seemed to work following principles that my primitive mind would never even believe possible, and yet, I was there, following what the ship what showing me, both visually and while directly interfacing with the lacis. I knew she was there, I could feel her, even though I could not see her. She was following my induction and feeling her presence made me less nervous.

After what seemed an eternity spent within the sub-context, the question landed on my mind: "Are you sure you want to do this ?". I had no record of my senses ever recording something but the message had been transmitted unambiguously. I closed my eyes (physically closed them) and replied yes. The process then started and I quickly realised what the lacis was really about. What it had always been about, right from the beginning.

From that point there was no going back but at the same time Evolution had never prepared my brain for what was coming. Things would get interesting. To say the least.