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RFID chip versus Pascal, or my plan for world domination

I went to the French embassy today, to get my new passport; and of course they gave me one of these new passports with an embedded RFID chip that transforms you into a moving electromagnetic target (and let everybody, with the appropriate reader, know everything about you --including my fingerprints, can you believe it!--, before you even get a chance to be close enough to smell which perfume they wear). This was obviously the first step in my new plan for world domination.

With that step done, let us see how well am I doing on my world domination plan:

  1. Get my new passport.
  2. Look up on Google how to disable permanently the RFID chip of a secured passport (one that doesn't require me to put the passport in a microwave, because my microwave has more fire power than plasma weapons from the future).
  3. Get arrested next time I cross the UK border.
  4. [step still to be defined]
  5. World domination

Joke aside, I think I will go for the tinfoil shell (the Faraday cage approach). This should be enough to ensure that people, at least, ask my permission before knowing about me things that they are too lazy to look up on my website.