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Stardust, or Happy Birthday Hubble Space Telescope
The Hubble Space Telescope is twenty years old today. One more year and it will be able to drink alcohol. For the moment, the two below pictures are probably the ones I prefer from its first 20 years (both part of the Eagle Nebula, more than 6000 light years away from Earth, within the Milky Way). They make my entire life, as an Earthling, completely worth living.

I have already tried to explain to few people that every single atom in their bodies or in the entire solar system for that matter, comes from star birth clouds like those ones, and ... well... people would prefer watching stupid TV shows rather than learning just a bit about their own history, and quite a fascinating one in fact. The fact that the physical/natural laws in our universe had the good mathematical properties to allow us to exist is quite an uplifting piece of knowledge, above all given that there may be many universes outside our own, which were not that lucky.

So people, next time you look at yourself naked in a mirror, rather than feeling embarrassed, just try and appreciate the fact that your body and your brain are the result (within a universe whose geometry, mathematical structures and thermodynamic where suitable) of what happens when you take a big cloud of hydrogen atoms and you leave it alone few billions years...