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Wine II; Act of Trust

The first time I drank wine, a bit more than one and half year ago, it was an accident (PhD supervisor was on automatic pilot). The second time happened last night, in a nightclub in Shoreditch (London's Silicon Valley) where I followed Chadia. It wasn't an accident, but rather an act of trust.

I am sure you know about those "trust building" exercises where somebody (possibly blindfolded) falls backwards and their peers catch them before falling. This exercise is meant to help people with, for instance, trust issues. In such a moment you delegate to somebody else an action or a responsibility that is normally your own (in this case preventing you from crashlanding on the floor).

So...., since the lady and myself run identical mental operating systems, in the hours following us meeting each other, I decided to submit myself to a trust building exercise and gave her admin, if not root, access to me. I am obviously using here the computer related terminology because I am not sure of the expression a proper psychologist would use; beside the obvious "textbook teenage-level love craziness".

She started exercising her newly attributed powers by overriding my natural eating protocols, resulting in having made me, over the past few days, eat or drink stuff I would otherwise never have granted access to my digestive system.

The experience is as delightful as you might imagine it is :)