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GOP Establishment Hates Him! This very clever and highly educated guy supports Trump. The reasons will shock you!

Historical context: this was written before Trump got the Republican nomination...

So just to clarify, I do not support Donald Trump per se, I just really really *really* want him to become president.

This entry is essentially an email I sent to little sister yesterday. I do not explain why I think Trump will become president, I am not a political pundit and I never make predictions about the future. I will just be explaining why I think Trump should become president.

As recent history has shown, democracy, a fundamentally good system for government, can get sick. There are various obvious sickness that a democracy can suffer from: lack of interest from the voters (resulting in low turnouts and incorrect representation), lack of choice (as in North Korea which officially holds elections but with only one candidate), lack of diversity (I am not talking about ethnic diversity here, just the feeling that "those candidates are just all the same") etc.

In the US the sickness that it suffers from is called lobby-driven politics and special-interests-funded campaigns (aka Legalised Bribery). Unfortunately the system itself cannot cure this sickness because, by design, the sickness filters out any individual able and willing to cure it. This means that the sickness has a form of self defence mechanism. Put on the top of that the peak politically correctness that we have achieved over the past years, whereby Ivy league students would happily sign to amend freedom of speech to preserve their safe space, above all the speech that transexuals and feminists find offensive, and then you have a recipe for unavoidable decline. (Ask the Roman empire how that turned out for them....)

There are currently only two candidates who are apparently immune from this sickness. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Interestingly for completely different reasons. Bernie because he is honest, very principled and corehent. Donald because he is fearless and has huge balls (albeit narcissist ones). If either of them gets elected, then in the worse case they will do badly and the country will throw them out of the White House four years later (That's one of the advantages of short presidencies: being able to elect, observe, evaluate, learn, repair, progress in a short tight loop). That being said, and focusing on The Donald, there is also the prospect that in fact he perfectly knows what he is doing and has a plan. Indeed, if he applies to the presidency even half of the same eagerness to learn new skills and eagerness to adapt to a new environment as what he clearly demonstrated during the past 8 months (really, a first time politician with such an impact, regardless of what you think about the guy, this is close to superpowers...), he might actually be the best president since George Washington.

See it from a risk management point of view; you have the option to start something which at worse will be another cluelessness driven, Bush 43 type, presidency or, might be the best thing ever. Have any of the recent previous presidents been so outstandingly good that the risk of success at the cost of style doesn't look attractive ?

Let's move on. The truth is that I don't really care which between Bernie and Donald actually wins, since to me the result will be the same: First presidency in a long time where the elected president will not have to answer to anyone, ie: will not have been bought before the election by special interests, but obviously I tend to favour Donald because:

  • Admittedly Bernie has no chance to get the Democratic nomination against Hillary (she is the latest form of the sickness's self defence mechanism).
  • Something else about Bernie is that he would play by the rules, and that would limit his effectiveness, the same way Obama turned out to be useless because he didn't want anything out of the ordinary to be blamed on his skin color. He came for Change but quickly realised that he had to be a "normal" (to the risk of being "boring and useless") president to give another black man a chance to be president again in the future.
  • Donald not only actually has a chance to win, but if he does something else will also happen (a form of cherry on the cake): The Republican party will crash-land in flames. They can reborn but hopefullly will have to do without the whole religious bullshit that has kept them alive.
  • I can't wait to see Donald start a trade war with China. Not because I think he can win a trade war with China, but because that's going to be interesting, in ways that only a former Finance analyst can fully appreciate. And don't even get me started on the other "perturbations" that he has in mind.
  • Anybody who is willing to gratuitely piss a certain religion of peace off for the fun of it, as much as he wants to, gets my vote anyway...

As for his personal style, people should just read "The Art Of The Deal" and see that what they think are ludicrous claims are just negotiation patterns, but of course nobody is used to look at somebody in politics who is not a politician, and obviously he makes no effort in looking like one, which is a rather good sign to me...

So in essence I am less interested in The Donald per se, than the fact that he is breaking things. I love when people hack and tear broken systems apart, regardless of whether they are nice people or not. Because, you see, to me Trump is a hacker. He saw a system with a vulnerability and is exploiting it. Maybe a part of this is motivated by his personal interests, but it is my belief that he is doing the system a favour...

Also, think about it, what's the alternative ? Hillary Clinton ? The problem is not Clinton (beside the fact that she is a major tool), but the fact that she would be starting her presidency with in front of her not only the disaffected Trump voters angry as hell, but also a really _really_ pissed off GOP establishment (because of having lost the election again, possibly facing 16 straight years of Democratic presidency, and because of the Trump effect). Really, you don't want to see *that* happening...

Alternatively, The Donald doesn't give a shit and was hired by Bill Clinton to get his wife elected. An interesting theory (the first idea that came to my mind when I first heard of The Donald running for president) that I cannot prove false. But anyway, even in this case: GOP crash-lands in flames. Good.

While being on the subject, I need to get this last point off my chest.

People can go around and point out whatever flaws in Donald Trump they can find. Nobody is perfect and he certainly isn't. But please stop claiming that there is a problem with him when he wins. He didn't steal the votes, he is winning by the rules of the democratic game. We cannot like democracy when it goes our way and suddenly not like it anymore when things get funny. People are voting for Trump. The problem is not Trump (above all when people could have voted for John Kasich or Lindsey Graham -- the most qualified candidates as far as I am concerned (even though I may not agree with their policies) -- or even a pussy like Jeb Bush), we should be asking ourselves what are seemlingly rational people trying to tell us by voting Trump. I think that they are willing to take the risk of trying something non-standard that might work, instead of staying on something obviously broken.

After all, it's Albert Einstein who said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."