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Free Market for Company Holidays
Last year I lost some holidays. I had until September or something to take them, but I didn't, like an idiot. One of my colleagues wanted them, but company policies do not allow the transfer of holidays from one person to another. Anyway, I strongly suspect that there could be a market for holidays....

Holidays are like things that the company give to you at the beginning of the year, right ? So living in a free market, it should be possible for people to sell them and buy them. The market price for holidays would be determined by the law of supply and demand. The only requirement to participate to a company's market would be to be a permanent employee. Employees speculators would be able to buy days when the spot price is low and sell them back when the price is up.

I don't see why it could not work; moreover, the program to manage all this would be easy to write.