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Laina, aka the overly attached girlfriend

Unless you've been living under a rock without internet access, or worse, you probaly have come accross the famous overly attached girl friend meme.

Something I discovered months ago (this entry has been in my pipeline but I was too busy until today), is that this girl is very interesting, not to mention very attractive; but if it was only about interesting and attractive girls, I could settle and blog about, say...., I don't know... ok, Jenna Marbles. This said, Leina, that's the name of overly attached girl friend by the way, has the added advantage that she has a funny relationship with her meme. In particular I find it absolutely interesting when she tries to be her own meme... Last but not least I have something in common with her but I can't really tell exactly what it is...

I watched all her video, and below are the ones I prefer. In an order that tries and tells a story. (The video "Overly Attached Girlfriend Attempts A Break Up" is really amazing by the way, it was done in a single cut.)

Just Another Holiday


Overly Attached Girlfriend Gets a Boyfriend

6 Steps to Monogamy! Overly Attached Girlfriend & Davey Wavey

Overly Attached Girlfriend Attempts A Break Up