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Is that Big Data ?

A woman lied to me in the Tube a couple of days ago and I cannot figure why...

It was the morning, on my way to work, I sat next to a woman and did what I usually do, opened alexandra and started to look at some code (in that occasion, Scala code in IntelliJ).

The woman next to me, eastern european looking, was dressed like an aspirant trophy wife on the hunt. Average face, but very beautiful body. Wearing high heels and pink clothes (or lack thereof) exposing most of her physical features.

I wasn't paying attention to her, but at some point I noticed she was looking at my screen. I turned towards her, smiled a bit and as I was coming back to my code she said "Is that Big Data ?" (With an accent I could not identify.)

I opened my mouth to answer but could not formulate anything meaningful given that the question wasn't making much sense to start with, so I just shook my head to mean no, and she added "Yeah I know all that stuff, I teach databases at university".

At that point there is nothing I could say, so while looking at her, I just remained silent, and she terminated with "I studied computers as degree, I went through this too..."

Still silent, I smiled again (thinking that there was definitively something strange in the way she said "databases"), and came back to my screen. Few stations later, as I was leaving my seat, I looked at her and said "Have a nice day."

In fact I am less annoyed by the fact that she lied to me, than by the fact that somehow my mind froze due to the strange mix between her being so overly bombshell and at the same time trying to impress me (something totally uncalled for) for some unknown reasons.

There is the possibility that she found me attractive and was making a move on me (or at least opening a door to let me make a move on her). Entertaining that idea is mentally painful...

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