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Weblog archives update: Introducing the π rule

I have been blogging since 2006 (yep, 10 years ago already), and as of today I have no less than 972 entries in the archives. Today I am going to start doing something I have been thinking of for a while: do some cleaning. The rule is simple: I will bring down and maintain the number of entries older than 1 year to 314 (keeping only the best, of course). What I mean is that at any point in time the total number of entries will be 314 plus everything I have written in the previous 12 months.

This should take me a couple of weeks....

Also, while being at it, I don't think I have even revealed which, after all those years, is my favourite entry. It's Introduction to Star Trek, that I wrote in May 2013.

My two next favorites entries are, for strange reasons, the only two fictional entries: Homeland(s) (2012) and The Weblog (2016).

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