This blog is highly personal, makes no attempt at being politically correct, will occasionaly offend your sensibility, and certainly does not represent the opinions of the people I work with or for.
The Weblog

I was already late for work. Not that it really mattered but I did have a long day ahead of me, so I was walking fast. The heavy-metal in my ear phones was insulating me from the noises of the rush hour and I was already mentally focusing on my morning activities.

It is then nothing short of a miracle that I heard somebody say my name, "Pascal !..." In fact I didn't actually hear it, I felt it. Probably another one of my extra-sensorial perception episodes; but yet, this also didn't matter. I turned around trying to identify the source of whatever had grabbed my attention and crossed the eyes of a girl. She was looking at me, slightly out of breath, standing there, and I said "Are you after me ?", and she replied "Yes, actually I am..."

She breathed deeply few times, fixed her hair, looked towards the station and said "I think somebody stole my purse....". I said "If you need money, I can give some to you. How much do ..." but then it hit me and I said "... you called me by my name, do you know who I am ?", after which she said "Don't worry about the purse, I don't need money. I want you not to go to work this morning and, instead, to come have breakfast with me."

I didn't say anything, just spent time carefully looking at her. She didn't look disturbed. She was a bit of a mess, but I figured that she simply might have run to catch me. There was something in her eyes that felt... familiar, but I didn't know what exactly. And she definitely had made her request in a way, gentle, almost cute, but with an hint of a confident woman used to get her way, that was leaving very little room, if any, for a refusal. In silence I handed my laptop, alexandra, to her, reached for my phone and wrote an email to my team apologising for not coming in, but that something had come up and that I would catchup later in the day. Still in silence I took alexandra back from her. She smiled and said "Thank you Pascal". I simply said "You drive", and was slightly surprised by how well she understood what I meant.

We ended up in a park, with pastries and drinks. After sitting down I closed my eyes, letting the warm London spring sun hit my skin. I kept them closed for a short while during which she didn't say anything. Then, opening them, I noticed that she was simply sitting there, smiling, while staring at me. She didn't say anything for few more seconds, as if both of us wanted to get the confirmation that neither of us felt silence as being uncomfortable, and then she said "I have been reading your blog."

A moment passed, and she added "All of it."

I think that my eyes started to smile at that moment, but I didn't say anything. I then knew why she met me ("tracked me down" would be a more accurate description), what she would ask me, and I also already knew what I would reply to her.

We looked at each other for a while, and then I said "I am listening", to which she replied "Ok, so let me start at the beginning..."