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Awwww... He is such a Frenchman

Went to the dentist today. One of my tooth needed to be ... rebuilt.

I actually saw two dentists over two hours. Only the second dentist needed to work on that particular tooth, but both dentists gave me anaesthetic injections.

Getting an anaesthetic injection is painless (at least is nowadays) but I went there with in mind the memory of the last time I got one (10 years ago) which was a tiny bit painful. So obviously I did the one thing I usually do when I know that I am about to undergo pain: I asked to have some skin to touch.

So when I saw the (first) neddle, I stopped the first dentist, a woman, and said: "If you are about to hit me with that, I need to touch your skin". She looked at me not even surprised and I followed up with "Let me touch your elbow :)". I later on explained to her that touching somebody else's skin calms me so much that it usually reduces the feeling of pain.

The second dentist, a man, had an female assistant, and since he was wearing long sleeve shirt meaning I could not really touch him, I turned to his assitant and said "Can I have your hands ?" Both smiled, I took her hand and the dentist said "Awwww... He is such a Frenchman!"

At first I thought this was a compliment, but as I was lying there, I realised that in his British mind, I had just totally confirmed the stereotype of the French guy who can't handle a little bit of pain and needs a woman to help him (^_^)