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Of all the people (men or women) that I have ever slept next to, Aubrey is absolutely particular for at least one reason: her breath pattern when she sleeps is not at all the same as when she is awake. I am not talking about speed or that kind of things, the pattern itself is actually different (has a completely different shape is you graph it). This has an immediate consequence: she cannot pretend to be asleep. If she tries and pretend, I know that she is actually awake because she would breath using her "awake pattern" (she doesn't know what her "sleeping pattern" is).

This morning, I was typing on the computer in bed, when I noticed that by setting the correct volume of the music (I wasn't using my hear phones) I could make her switch back and forth across that very fine line between being completely asleep and starting to awake (eg. switching from one pattern to the other). This was particularly interesting when she was in REM sleep, because I must have messed up whatever dream she was doing...

Note to self: turn "messing up Aubrey's dreams with trance music" into a regular activity... Well, actually, could be much more fun if, instead of music, I play a movie on the computer (^.^)