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First few days in Hong Kong

It was last Monday, on xmas day, a bit before lunch time. I had spent the previous 48 hours rewriting Stuart from scratch using (only) oo design and was wondering whether I should call it Stuart 1.11 or Stuart 2.00 when Aubrey came from nowhere and told me that I had one hour to get ready before taking the plane to go to Hong Kong...

One hour later we were in the taxi heading to the airport with our luggages; ... oh sorry her luggages. I was just too lazy to pack any of mine and actually decided that I didn't need any. So basically I left the house with my wallet, my credit card, my laptop and... well, that was all actually.

The plane travel itself was fine, I was pleased to see that Cathey Pacific has got much better food that British Airways (is that surprising ?); otherwise, well, you don't want to be sitting for 12 hours in a box full of noise.

And then Hong Kong.

Still in the taxi on our way to Aubrey's home I was trying to figure out were I was on the ground and I realized that I actually knew. It was just like on Google Earth beside that I was seeing things from below and not from a satellite's view. The buildings were just where they supposed to be :-)

We went to few shopping places during the afternoon, full of traditional shops and also full of people. I remember having said that Hong Kong was in fact like a big Chinatown, which wasn't met with as much approval as I would have hoped.

The first night I ended up eating shark (which was cooked by Aubrey's father). Since then, I decided that I would not try and figure out what I eat, and just eat it. This "blind faith open mindness" helps a lot in a place like this with such a different food tradition.

Today Aubrey took me to the center and I just fell in love with the place. We did some shopping, tooks lots of pictures, went to more shops, ate in nice places, before I was a kind of knock out by the jet lag and wanted to go home.

Aubrey has got a lovely family, and they are a kind of keen in having me learning the language. I told them I would go back to my Cantonese, and also learn the writing which is not that complicated in fact (have I just written this ?...)

Now my watch (and a bit of my body), still in UK time, says it 9pm on Wednesday, but here it would rather be 5am on Thursday. Maybe I should go back to bed. Aubrey said she had some "plans" for today, well whether she wakes up :-)