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Pascal: Hello. Can I talk to Occupational Health, please ?
Woman: Speaking...
Pascal: You are on the 5th floor, aren't you ? Which room ?
Woman: Er... just after the meeting rooms.
Pascal: Ok, can I come and see you now ?
Woman: Er... if you want. But what is it about ?
Pascal: I have an headache an was wondering whether you could not give me something against this.
Woman: Right. Er, what do you usually take ?
Pascal: Well, is the first time for me to have an headache.
Woman: Ok, first time today. but I was asking what you usually take.
Pascal: In fact it is the fist time of my life.
Woman: ... You have never had an headache before ?!??
Pascal: No, it's the first time.
Woman: Ok, come over, I'll find something for you.