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The Button

Sometimes in April 2015, by /u/PolarPopJunky

Today I made a grave mistake. I left the tab open.

My wife got on my desktop to pay a bill, at the time I was preparing to leave for Qdoba to grab some dinner. I'm putting on my shoes and I hear, "what's the button?"

"Did you click it?!?" my heart begins to race as I rush back towards the office.

"Yeah, but it doesn't do anything"

"Please," I beg, "You waited until thirty at least, maybe even forty!"

"It says 53 honey, whats the matter?!"

So here I stand, I didnt choose my guild, my guild was thrust upon me like so much of life is. My wife got beans in her (requested) beanless burrito as revenge, but I will suffer ever more as a purple. Fuck it, we are numerous. We are the majority and we will rule. I might not be born an elite as a red, but made a purple I will lead the masses and destroy the hierarchy. One day the grays will pass, and at that moment we will seize control and all colors beyond grey will be blasphemy, just you wait.