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Holidays at Kalathos Beach, Rhodes, Greece

I got a notification email from Aubrey last night which brutally took me away from my meta reflexions about file systems and brought me back to the harsh reality of married life: I was due to go to the airport with her today, for holidays. In Greece. In a five stars hotel holidays resort... So I put few clothes in a bag, took alexandra in my arms, and later in the morning followed her to the airport.

In the plane I had a very very nice discussion with a guy (and his wife) who were sat next to me and that I impressed a lot by showing him a program I wrote last year to automatically solve Sudoku (which he was playing with on his iPad). Once on the island, forty minutes taxi ride towards the country side, and we ended up at our destination: Atrium Palace, Kalathos Beach.

So now, I have already been on holidays in my life, but never in a place like here, where there is literally *nothing* else to do beside beach, pools (I have counted 5 pools so far and I am sure I haven't seen all of them), Thalasso Spa Center, gym, tourist shops, restaurants and evening entertainments. This place is just designed so that you don't do anything beside just eat, relax, perfect your tan and make some new friends; face to face, as it was done before Facebook. So I looked at Aubrey and I said "So Darling, is this what normal people call holidays ?", and she replied "Yes, and you are going to spend a while here...".

We don't have internet in the rooms (only in the lobby of the hotel -- and the restaurants, I was told). So I pretty much don't have a choice but be on holidays as well. I guess that every new thing in life is a learning experience :-) Maybe I will even end up liking it actually. Anyway, this was my last internet activity before a long time, as I am going to answer the call of Nature...