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stealth: designed in accordance with technology that makes detection by radar or sonar difficult

A Chinese girl that I had never seen before came and sat just next to me while I was having lunch today. We started to talk because I asked her to help me translate some Chinese words I was having a look at. We then had an interesting discussion during which I could see how interesting she is. The discussion started exactly by me suddenly looking at her and asking her "Do you read Chinese ?", with a tone suggesting that I truly believed in a 50/50 probability of getting "yes" or "no". She took a relatively long amount of time to reply. To her credit it must have been the very first time of her entire life that somebody asked her whether or not she reads Chinese. I imagine that she must have wondered how on Earth I could possibly not know that she read Chinese given how Chinese she looks like. Anyway, after what felt like a little eternity, she replied "Yes, I do actually".

A detail just occurred to me, something I did not paid attention to until now (hours later after having met her). I have just realised that I could not read her mind. I don't actually know what went through her mind during the long seconds she took before replying.

Maybe she did not think of anything (and this would explain the radio silence) or she thought of something and I didn't feel it. This would bother me, but I have also just remembered something else: I don't always feel when some very smart people think near me. She must have been one of them...


I saw her again (as we were leaving our building), and while walking together I could not resist but ask her what had happened in her mind the first time I talked to her. I told her that I was curious in knowing what she had been thinking of after my initial question.

She smiled and I could see that she had a rather vivid memory of our first exchange. She went on saying that she did not think of anything before answering to me, but that there was a good reason for it: she could not have thought of anything at that time because her mind was literally shutting down. The sandwich she was having was, I was told, her first meal in two days.

Enquiring about what was the reason of her food depravation, she explained that she could not eat because she was in bad mood. She did not want to say more, but seeing how curious I suddenly was went on saying that her bad mood was due to having just recently been dumped by her fiance. A guy (Chinese I presume) who dumped her not long before their planned wedding.

Despite the tragedy of her circumstances, I was happy, and satisfied, because she had given to me a very good explanation for the radio silence (preventing me to think about it any longer). As I often say, there is no mystery in the universe, go deep enough and you always find the reason of any observed anomaly.