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Normal Distribution, or the mathematics of being arrogant.
Yesterday morning, in the train, just when I was about to dive into some code I was writing on the laptop, I noticed a girl not far away from me. When I saw her I instinctually though Jesus Christ, this girl looks so stupid.

She wasn't exactly what I would call beautiful, but she obviously spends a lot of time trying and catch up iconic absurdities like Victoria Beckham (who used to be a spice girl, but is now Queen of the Bees) or the other pretty girls that pollute adverts on TV. But the reason I thought this was probably that she actually looked like stupid. I know a glance is often not enough to know someone, but I have this ability to perceive sub conscientiously and extremely quickly various details about someone with subsequent quasi perfect evaluation of their mental abilities (more on this another time).

This said, it was early in the morning (not had breakfast before), and I wondered whether I wasn't simply being mean. I mean, after all, I could be plain wrong. At this moment, she decided to make a phone call. When she started to talk, I though for God's fucking sake, this girl sound so stupid. The very idea that I could for any reason have a date with her and would have to listen to her at least one hour, gave me an headache.

Anyway, I was about to drop her case when she opened a book she had in her bag, and I though hey, she can read, maybe there's a chance that ...., but the title of the book was "A hopeless romantic", and I knew too well from the look of the cover that this book was exactly what it looked like. I then though ...; no in fact I didn't think any thing, I was speechless thoughtless.

Every time I find somebody like her, I tend to be a bit sad. I always think of the waste of space and time that people like her induce in the universe. And on her case I was lucky, I didn't actually know her. She could be someone I could have to work with. Even if I have not actually had stupid colleagues ever since I don't work for fast foods anymore (back to before uni)...

Then, something strange happened. I suddenly realized that among all things I should rather thank her. After all, statistically speaking, the world needs lots of people like her to compensate my position on the IQ normal distribution.

Actually it's deeper than that. She is a proof of the versatile nature of the human mind. The human mind has this absolute power to do anything and seeing how stupid she was, is nothing else than an indication that on the opposite side of the spectrum there must be some very clever and interesting people in the world.

In fact, I felt not close, but mathematically symmetric to her, and I understood that it is because of people like her that I am statistically allowed to exist. This idea made me happy all day (algebraists like me like when they perceive new symmetries), and I swore that never again I would be mean to stupid people, and that I would rather be rather nice to them. I own them everything, literally.