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Neutrino People

There is a subatomic particle coming from the Sun (or any star for that matter...) that passes through matter, and in particular through the human body. Here is an exercise for you reader: look at your arm, visualise just one centimetre square of it (size of one of your nails) and count to 1.

During the time it took you to count from 0 to 1, more than 50 billion particles have passed through this one centimetre square of your body. And it doesn't matter if you are inside. This particle doesn't interact with matter this means that your roof is not going to stop it, and in fact when it's done going through you, it will happily carry on going though the entire Earth (crust, magma, core etc...) and then go out on the other side. Unless you are reading this during the night, in which case the particles have already gone through the Earth and you were the last piece of matter on their way to outer space.

This particle is called a neutrino, and if you don't know what it is, you were warned to pay attention in high school! Otherwise, no worries, just Google it :-)

Today I have invented a new term: Neutrino People. In order to explain what a neutrino person is, let me explain what non-neutrino people, hereby referred to as Interacting People, are.

Interacting people are people who consider, even though they might not formulate it that way, that there is a field surrounding them, field that I am tempted the call the Higgs Field, but that I will call the Knowledge Field, that they interact with all the time. They extract from this field the observational and theoretical data that they need to satisfy a native and extremely important need of their lives. A need which reduces to being able to explain things, everything, every single detail that can be explained. Of course they know that our species still have a lot to discover, but within what we have already understood they need to make sure that there is no contradiction. The structure of the Knowledge Field, at least since the Enlightenment and the scientific renaissance, also encourages them to look for simple and logical explanations, without unicorns or magic within...

I am not talking about advanced science here, only simple things of everyday life. For instance, take the example of Gunslinger1991 (I'll explain in one moment where this person comes from), who said:

I always thought [meaning until recently] that people here in Britain only called their mother Mum in sitcoms or if they were posh.
This person clearly is not an interacting person. The thing is that even if this claim appeared sensible for Gunslinger1991 at some point (and I can understand why somebody who just landed from Alpha Centauri could think that), interacting with the Knowledge Field, meaning freaking paying attention one fucking second to people around you in public places, would have showed to Gunslinger1991 that the claim was false. In the same vein, take the example of ArtSucks who said:
I once dated a girl in her early 20s who had never seen a guy take a piss before, and was amazed to see that we don't have to "pump our dicks like a super soaker" to get urine to come out.
ArtSuck's girl friend is clearly non interacting. Indeed, had ArtSuck's girl friend been an interacting person, she would have had 10,000 opportunities to notice, even indirectly, even very indirectly, even if she was raised in a girl-only house, that this wasn't the case. I mean, really, didn't she know about bladder presure or something, even from a completely different discussion ? Or hasn't she seen a single movie during her entrie life, or better opened a single book about anatomy ?


I'm female, and I thought you had to take out your tampon to go pee. I had no idea, no idea, that pee came out of a different hole. Thank you, parents and public school. Thank you.
The first time I saw a girl peeing, I instantly superposed in my mind two different pictures: The picture I had (from a book) of their internal reproductive organs (essentially their vagina) and the image I was seeing. Then I thought "It doesn't match. So the pee must come from another hole; and this is consistent with the fact that the strong narrow jet cannot come from a place like the vagina. Interesting...." This girl has seen herself peeing since she was born, and she didn't make the connection!.

I am not going to quote the guy who thought there was some "magic" (radioactivity being transformed "directly" in electricity) involved in the workings of nuclear plants, that just hurts me...

By the way, I don't think that non-interacting people are stupid. They are just non interacting. I also didn't say that interacting people are never wrong. Their mental model of the world just auto corrects at first opportunity -- and for about everything simple this should have happened before you reach the age of 10 -- at least it was about 10 years old for me, but I had already read an awful lots of books before that time... For instance, I never asked my mother if she had her periods (unlike my younger brothers who popped the question to her at some point). I knew she was a female of the human species, I had read about the subject, so the logical conclusion was that it happened to her; also this was consistent with, admittedly very rare, but observed first hand, blood in the toilet's water after her turn.

There is nothing else that puts me in a frozen state of high mental activity than a fragment of observation which contradicts a part of my mental model of the world and universe (last time this happened to me was a couple of days ago when somebody pointed out to me that Justin Bieber is actually a guy, not a girl...). The fact that for a couple of seconds my mind will be manipulating two seemingly contradictory pieces of data is an extremely high important event, which needs to be resolved with the highest priority. Even if I am inside a girl while having the greatest sex of my life, if she suddenly says "in my laboratory we managed to make a proton move faster than the speed of light", I will jump out of bed, get dressed and I will look at her in a way that says "Bring me there right now, I need to see this for myself, and no I don't care you were just about to have an orgasm". I am an interacting person.

It is easier to find interacting people among the non-religious subset of mankind, of course. Religious people have a tendency to believe about anything, even mutually contradictory things, even things that contradict their very own observations.

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