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Prayer Time

This is the cutest thing that has ever happened to me.

It's 3.51 am London time. I am currently sitting with Lucille.v8/sashka on my laps, in a taxi driver car, alone, by myself, without driver. How did I end up here ? This is what the driver told me five minutes ago: I am sorry brother but can I ask you to let me go to pray ? My prayer time is coming and I will not have time to go to your destination and come back, so I am doing a detour home, easier than going to the Mosque.

I obviously accepted! Of course. I am the kind of Yes Man, to go along when a taxi driver says 'let us go somewhere else and I hope you don't mind being alone in the car at night in a strange neighbourhood'. I mean what's the worse that could happen ? :-)

He was soooo happy. Offered me some tea and food when we parked (which I refused, but mostly because I am not a tea person, as well as not being a other people's food person), but I was so proud to have been able to make the world a better place today, I mean tonight :-) Really, that's why I love London. You book a taxi to go home and instead you end up at the guy's house about to eat and stuff. I took a picture with Lucille.v7

I was obviously impressed by his devotion, really. And talking to him I discovered that he comes from Bangladesh. So now, of course I am a user friendly kind of person and I am flattered that he felt confident to ask me, because this exposes me as a naturally looking friendly bloke. The only thing I would like to know is what he would have done had I been a white, suit wearing, straight looking, not friendly, company exec hurry to get home. This driver would probably not ask and just miss his prayer time, but then how would he feel about it ? He would probably feel a little bit bad (or maybe very bad). This idea bothers me because religion is not supposed to get in the way of doing your job.

By the way, the funny thing is that I had just spent hours and hours near Waterloo station, in an intense debate about religion with two Muslim girls. And pretty much lost my voice over it (it's very cold in London right now). Anyway, with a bit of chance I might be able to upload this online before we arrive to my place.