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Damon Horowitz calls for a "moral operating system"
The below video was in my buffer-in of stuff to look at, and just managed to look at it. An interesting follow up to Sam Harris' talk Science can answer moral questions.

On the utilitarian approach to moral, I had the following discussion with a PhD mate once. Note, to my defence, that now I would not fall into the trap.

Mate: .... so, Pascal, if I get you right, you support a human management of our species evolution, even managing our reproduction.

Pascal: Sort of, yes.

Mate: Ok, so here is something for you. There is a subset of the population, where the concerned group of people has lower IQ than the average, is much more sensitive to diseases, [... long list of defects]. Should we prevent them to reproduce in order to increase the average quality of the gene pool ?

Pascal: Might need to know a bit more, but yes. I think so.

Mate: Ok, so you just killed all women in the world. Good Job :-)