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Ingress Begins

What could have possibly been the reason of me getting dressed a bit after midnight, and leave my building, by 7 degrees outside, to go on a hacking tour of my neighborhood energy fields ? Answer: I received my activation code for Ingress.

A couple of training missions later, I decided to join the Resistance (I didn't know the game actually asks you to choose, and I wondered a couple of minutes which side I should join, but I guess that I am a resistance kind of guy, so I will be fighting any Enlightened standing on my way). Game is still a bit confusing though, mainly due to all the terminology used by my on-board voice assistant, but I think I start to get it. I currently have a bit more than 1700 XM (Exotic Matter) in reserve. Now I need to figure out how to connect Portals (which seems to be something I have to do to save humanity, or something...).