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Locked outside the office

At last, managed to enter my office and get hold of my laptop (so I can blog again). Below is the first half (*) of an email I sent to my head of department (and few other people) yesterday (Saturday) morning. It is self explanatory...

(*) the second part is me explaining how disappointed I was of not being able to do all the stuff I needed to do this week-end (in addition of the overall personal inconvenience), but I don't need to put that on the internet.

As you must be aware of by now the PC in the security room in control of "room access" for a significant part of the Strand Campus has died yesterday evening. As a result many users cannot access their offices, various common rooms, or other locations. As much as some of us will be enjoying their forced holidays, the computer crash has caused me a significant problem because it occured while I was outside the PhD student room and simply looked me out of my personal belongings, including, but not limited to, my clothes (notably my coat), my laptop, my phone, my hard drives, and last but not least my wallet and my phone.

When I went to the security office, the officer sat there just asked me whether I had my travel card [with me], to which I replied yes and said that my only option was to go home. She was unmoved by the fact that I told her that I had not my keys with me. I was considering sleeping in the PG common room (would not have been the first time) but decided that this might not be a good option because nobody in the security team could give me a reasonable ETA for being able to come back in my office. In the end I left the building.

This morning, Saturday, I have just called the security office (they gave me the number yesterday) and same answer: no ETA for coming back in.

I was a bit worried actually because it was the first time ever that my laptop and essentially all of my hard-drives were together at one location that I could not access. A potentially worst case scenario that should never ever happen again.

Also, as I pointed out later in the email, not having access to my phone was locking me out of my gmail account (I have two factor authentication activated...). I do have special reactivation codes for my gmail account, but they are on the laptop. I need to put them online somewhere... for instance as a pastbin with no expiration date, whose id will be the id of one of my own weblog entries, something like that :-)