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Idea of the month: Timoni West on her clothing

Yesterday (while glancing over Hacker News headlines) I came across the weblog entry of a girl (and incidentally a rather cute one, who works as Web Designer in San Francisco) called Timoni West who explained why she decided to wear the same clothes every day. Where by "same" clothes she means that she has a collection of the exact same stuff and only wear the same style, very much like Steve Jobs.


I am known to let myself affected by interesting ideas that I come across (I wouldn't be myself had this not been the case), and this case is not exception, with maybe the particularity that don't remember the contamination (my adoption of the meme) being so clear cut, so instantaneous. Few lines into her entry, and I had already decided that I would do the very same !

Speaking about it with Z, she pointed out that actually I have being doing the same since the beginning of the academic year, but as I explained, it was mix of laziness and inertia, and above all the result of my clothes wardrobe acting as a Last-In-First-Out pile, pushing me to rotate my choices among a relatively small subset of my entire clothing collection.

What happened after reading Timoni is that I will make it a personal choice (and not an implementation accident), and purposely clear my clothes from unwanted items, which I actually started to do two days ago as I was packing things for storage (at Aubrey's), then decide which style I want to adopt and then religiously stick to it: have a large enough collection of the exact same stuff, and just wear a new one everyday and run a washing machine when I have enough of dirty ones.

I already know that I will stick to a particular brand for my t-shirts: Petit Bateau [] ( kids clothings ). They have branches all over Europe and I love their style. Probably Black only (with maybe some while and grey), long leaves, as to be worn in summer as well as winter. This said, I need to finish to make my mind up about what I will wear above that (something with a zip on front, as to be able to deal with a wider range of temperatures than plain jumpers, and no hoodies -- I don't want to look like Zuckerberg). For my coat, my jeans and my shoes, nothing will change much. My underwear will be totally standardised, black and grey all the way...