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Last Dinner in Paris

I do not remember having put this picture on the weblog. I took it some days ago not far away from the office and it is probably my most beautiful picture of the Eiffel Tower (^.^)

Among various exciting things today, Lucille.v3 felt on the floor. This computer has already gone through as many cataclysms as someone's stupidity can push her into, but before this evening I had never dropped it. Maybe it was a way for her to tell me that she misses home in general and her external hard drive in particular (she's not been backed up for the past 6 weeks which is a kind of quite dangerous position my data can be in). To remember for the future: maybe take advantage of the unlimited space of the website.

So today is my almost last day in Paris (leaving tomorrow evening). I decided that my last restaurant in Paris would be a Japanese one, but this wasn't a good idea at all because without Aubrey I always get the menu wrong in Japanese restaurants (she always chooses for me). The chicken wasn't bad, but the sauce was so strange that it could have been something completely different actually.

After so long having had to eat out every single day. I ended up being absolutely fed up of restaurants. I swear that I will never go to restaurants again. Ever. At least not for a very long time; like not until Saturday (will go and see Transformers with Aubrey on Saturday and we will probably end up eating out actually...)