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A small step forwards for the gay man, a huge step backwards for mankind

Someone recently asked me "are you in favor of or against gay marriage?", and my answer was "Against it. Absolutely, definitely, against it". So now, before you flag me as homophobic, let me explain. I am against "gay marriage" because I am against "marriage" to begin with !

I love gays, this is a community I feel close to, and I much prefer spending a night out with gay friends than straight friends (gays know how to party way better and listen nicer music), but fighting all other the place for the right to get married along straight people is such a waste. All that energy should be used to get a ban on marriage all together. After all, when nobody will be able to marry (and get divorced), when we will have put such an outdated tradition on the shelves of History, we will have equality between gay couples and straight couples (what they wanted in the first place); but in this case, at least, we will also have given a favour to our species.