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St Mary the Strand Church

I officially started a PhD in pure mathematics at King's College today (I remind you guys that I was a Masters student there last year). I actually enrolled last Friday, but today was really feeling like first day at school to me. I got a nice desk at a window in one of the PhD students offices, at the 5th floor of the Strand building, so I get to see the roof of St Mary the Strand Church. This said, this week I won't get to spend much time there during the day (only evenings, as of right now), because I will be spending the entire week at the UK-Japan Winter School, Nonlinear Analysis (at the Royal Academy of Engineering). First day has been awesome, but I doubt I will be able to carry on successfully absorbing so much data for five days in a row...

I am in the Analysis Group of the math department, and my supervisor (who was already my Masters dissertation supervisor) is Russian, along with many of the Analysts in London actually, and he keeps joking about me learning their language, which is not going to happen. But moreover he has experienced Caltech first hand, which makes him very attractive to me (don't tell him I said that...). He is one of the, if not the, most active researcher in the group.

Introducing myself to some of the other PhD students, I noticed that they already knew me (or at least had heard about me) for me having already been teaching since last September.

And now let me leave you with two pictures which illustrate very well what I will be doing from now on... (Both are actually taken from my collection of wallpapers. I have been having the first one for many years, but the second only came few months ago...)