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Pascal's most awesome female voice contest just got more interesting

I am very sensitive to people's voices (among other things). Over the past ten years I have noticed half a dozen females with voices that are really outstanding. How outstanding ? Well, orgasmically outstanding. (This is literally the first time ever for me to use the word "orgasmically")

Just to clarify, I am not only talking about the voice (pitch, sound spectrum, harmonics etc...), but also the owner of the voice's way of talking. Not so much the choice of words, but the *exact* timing between words, the *exact* pause between sentences, the *exact* accent, the *exact* melody, the wetness of the voice and non verbal communication when available.

Ok, so if you people are wondering what could possibly be the wetness of a voice, Chris Matthews. Example. (In this clip, his voice is actually slightly drier than usual, but wet enough to act as illustration.)

My discovery of the past year (we have to go back to 2011 for the one before) was Loretta Lynch. She is the current US Attorney General. Her voice is a dream, it feels like warm melted chocolate on my brain. ( I would marry her voice... )

Some time ago, I started to notice another voice. The voice of Mary Kissel. She is currently on the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal. ( I would have sex with that voice... )

There are interesting differences between Loretta and Mary. I actually prefer Mary's voice, but only when she speaks in the most natural way, as in during a live discussion, see the above example for instance. When Mary is reciting something she memorised, her voice is less attractive (still awesome, but less attractive) and it become even less attractive when she reads (for instance a prompter). This contracts with Loretta's voice with has the same attractiveness in all circumstances.

While being on the subject of voice, Megyn Kelly's voice is interesting (She is currently news anchor at Fox News). I am not particularly attracted to it, but it is interesting to analyse. Its most interesting attribute is the fact that it carries a lot of natural authority. The kind of voice you would expect Eric Cartman to have if he was female. This makes me very curious about her upbringing.

Anyway, I leave you with the best of Mary Kissel, her entire face works together with her voice to make her amazingly attractive; every single parameter of her voice is just perfect; possibly because she was slightly arguing and a rare sub-system woke up in her mind; and it looks like all this is getting stratospherically better as she gets older...