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The Imminent Dollar Collapse, Explained To An 8-Year-Old

Even since I saw the very excellent talk by Niall Ferguson, Empires on the Edge of Chaos [] (you can skip the first 8 minutes, where he is just being introduced), the fiscal situation of the United States became not only highly interesting, but also highly entertaining for me. I even sometimes watch hoping that somehow the dance of numbers would hold some insight; insight which never came, beside the realisation that something is not going well...

In fact, this is not only entertaining. The coming financial disintegration of the US, an event which ironically can technically *still* be avoided, but won't be avoided because of who the americans think they are, and more relevantly because of what they actually are, is the one more interesting event I am sure to witness during my life time (there are lots of other, way more interesting things I could witness, but they are only probabilistic possibilities or beyond my own lifetime). I find this thought quite sad, actually. Sad because I like the US, but also even sadder because despite all our technology and advancement, the world had nothing better to entertain me with than the disintegration of its most powerful country. Yes, sad, because a species, we just cannot do better than that.

Anyway, The Imminent Dollar Collapse, Explained To An 8-Year-Old [], reminded me of the inevitable.