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Lucille.v15 [1] at the restaurant with me this afternoon, few minutes after I got it, still in the box and the bag. As it just occurred to me, v15 is my first 15 inch laptop. I wonder whether it fits in my backpack 🤔

Picture taken by Lucille.v13, overlooking Lucille.v12 (first ever picture taken by v13).

According to my records (the very exact records of the acquisition of every Lucille-class [2] device so far), it took me 8 years to move from v5 (the original alexandra) to v10, and then 15 days from v11 to v15.

Anyway, v15 is now the new alexandra. First step: reinstalling the OS after encrypting the hard drive.

[1] was given to me by the Apple Store as a replacement for v14, which had a hardware fault, interestingly the same as v10 -- not surprising as they are the exact same model.

[2] For the newcomers to this blog, anything that I use that has at least a calendar and a text editor (including, but not limited to, smart phones, desktops and laptops), is a Lucille. I have been counting them since Lucille.v1. Paper notebooks are always Lucille.v0, and "alexandra" always refers to the most recent Lucille that is a laptop (the one I carry in my arms everywhere...).