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OmegaFS, the legacy page

This page summarises the ωFS, the omega File System.

ωFS was born in May 2011, and decommisioned in 2013. The latest system diagram can be found here.

ωFS (aka omegaFS) is a file system. It is a FUSE-based file system (and as far as I am aware the most complex (Mac)FUSE-powered file system so far) which allows its users to store data on the Internet, using any number of very heterogeneous collection of storage points (FTP servers, MySQL servers, email accounts, image sharing sites, online caches, and much more... -- stores using completely different APIs or data storage logic). The users do not deal directly with the individual storage points and instead only interact with a seemingly infinite sized single drive presenting a unified file tree (seen as a single virtual drive). There have been projects to individually use those stores as the storage layer of file systems, but omegaFS is the first to consider all of them at the same time. Data is always encrypted before being delivered to the storage points and automatic processes ensure its integrity and redundancy, not only making omegaFS greatly fault tolerant, but also allowing the live addition and removal of storage points without affecting the availability of data.

ωFS is not a distributed file system; it just stores its data in a distributed fashion.