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The comfort of regularity

There are places where I eat regularly and I don't know in advance what I am going to eat. An example is the Guardian canteen, where I am pretty much at the mercy of the Chef. Actually, at the Guardian, on any given day, we have the choice between three meals, but neither is predetermined, with the exception that the main meal is always "Fish and Chips" on Fridays.

And there are places where I always eat the very same thing, every time. Those are typically restaurants. When I go to a new restaurant where I know I will be coming back often (for instance a restaurant near a place where I have just moved in), I spend a couple of times, on the menu, looking for something that I really like, and then I order the same thing every time I come back. Very often, I need to explain to them how to cook what I order to make it really to my taste; and I need to do it every time until they get it right (or when a new staff starts).

There are two places like that near my current place: A nice (expensive) restaurant where I satisfy my need for meat and the Domino's Pizza.

What I noticed over the past few days, is that my favourite moment of this relationship has now arrived: In both cases they order what I want the moment I enter, without me having to say anything; and I know they will cook the way I prefer :)

... and cherry on the cake (the mostly Arabic) staff at the Domino's remember my name and have learnt to spell it correctly (^_^)

The next step of that relationship, which takes more time, and probably partially triggered by the feeling of being "at home", is when I find myself on my way out, after eating, and a part of me suddenly realises that I haven't paid. This is a rare occurrence though, and I have learnt to prevent it by asking for the total just after desert, even if I plan to spend several more hours on the computer at my table...