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Graduation Ceremony

I keep receiving emails from King's about booking a place at my graduation ceremony in January. I have been thinking about whether I should go or not...

Unfortunately, I am the kind of guy to wonder whether he should attend his own graduation ceremony, rather than just saying "Yes, of course, and don't forget the camera!", like most normal people would do.

At first I thought that it's because I am French, and French universities don't do graduation ceremonies, so why bother ? It's not like it's going to change anything for me to dress and have some senior member hand me my diploma in front of the School of Natural Science intelligentsia.

But in fact, the true reason is that I have nobody to go with me, and I don't want to go by myself. It's very sad that I don't have anybody to do to my graduation ceremony with me. Anyway, I will just decline and graduate in absentia. Despite the fact that I will probably be in the building on that day.

Very ironically, I am one of the only students, if not the only student, from my promotion (MSc Pure Maths 2011-2012) who managed to graduate, so I sort of have a moral duty to attend the ceremony. But I still won't go. The only way I could go, is if I meet somebody in the next few days (somebody that I feel sufficiently close to), before I formally decline the invitation, who accepts to come with me.

Who would have thought that my graduation ceremony would be an opportunity for me to fully realize how alone I am. And this makes me want to cry...