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Sam Harris: Science can answer moral questions
This video is definitely the best Sam Harris yet !! and to me probably one of the best TED talk (which is quite a bold statement). He is definitely opening a door, and I am so looking forward to see where all this will go...

I have actually been following his career from the beginning, from when he was totally unknown and nothing more than a Dawkins-wanabe. It's quite amazing to see this kind of evolution...

So admittedly, in his talk he doesn't say "how" science can answer moral questions, but he very rightly point out that there is nothing in the realm of morality that excludes it from being subject to scientific analysis. This claim will sound normal to some (such as me, but another time as a disciple of Iain M. Banks), will sound unfamiliar but appealing to others (such as probably most of the TED crowd), while sounding impossible or even heretic to the rest. Well, few hundred years ago, a claim such as "science can answer the question of the origin of the Earth", would have made some jump out of their skin (notably the religious type). But as one said, some basic truths do not become mainstream because those who initially opposed them got convinced by rational arguments, but simply because they eventually die, giving place to younger generations.

It is not impossible that in few hundred years (in some kind of post-scarcity society), the dynamics of morality will be taught to undergraduates as a module of applied mathematics. Unfortunately I will be dead for a long time and won't be there to see that.....


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