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A business opportunity on the eve of the American election: a free market for votes.

Background: I don't really comment on current or political events, but over the past two or three years I have been following the US current news and watched as many US political/news shows I could, to some non trivial degree of addiction. I don't know anything about what happens in the UK, and I could not care less about what happens in France but I think I am more aware of internal US events that many US citizens.

Among other things I have watched every single of the four recent presidential debates (each of them, front beginning to the end, not recaps), and despite of all this, my excitement towards tomorrow's election is as low as it can be. Reason: it is obvious that none of the two candidates is qualified to correctly lead the US in the next four years. Qualified in the sense: "willing or able to actually tackle the big problems faced by that country". Sadly. But not entirely the candidates individual fault: the country is so polarized anyway that, it is mostly un-lead-able.

Anyway, an idea occurred to me. If I was an American citizen, I would sell my vote. Simple. After all, rather than non voting, why not sell it. This might sound strange to some at first, but after all, if voting really matters (to some people in some campaign headquarters), then it has value, and a market price.

Now, somebody (not me, I have other things to do...) simply needs to find time to build an online exchange where political parties can bid on people's votes. My vote would start at $1. I wonder which side would offer the more money for my vote.

Of course, the buyer (Obama's camp or Romney's camp), would need a proof that I voted as agreed in the contract, but I am sure we can come up with something...